About Historical Society



To educate and preserve the deep-rooted heritage of the Burk's Falls area while providing educational learning opportunities, fostering community partnerships and stimulating visitor traffic throughout the region.               


The Village of Burk's Falls and the Townships of Armour and Ryerson are recognized as communities with a deep heritage connection and are proud of the historical attractions that draws visitors from the region and beyond.

Burk's Falls & District Historical Society's Business Plan - 2014


A constitution is the foundation for building an organization.  It contains all of the key agreements made by the members on how the organization will work.  It is legally binding on the executive and members of the organization.

Burk's Falls & District Historical Society's Constitution - Amended January 16, 2017

Burk's Falls & District Historical Society's Constitution - Amended November 2016 


President - Diane Brandt

Vice President - Nieves Guijarro

Treasurer - Jarv Osborne

Secretary - Charlene Watt

President - Linda Maurer (Past)

Vice President - Betty Caldwell (Past)


Monthly Meeting

The Burk's Falls & District Historical Society meets on the third Monday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Fell Homes Apartments, 5 Mary Street, Burk's Falls.


In the summer of 1994, a group of dedicated citizens united to identify strategies to preserve the history of Burk's Falls and surrounding area. The ideas and interest generated from the group led to the collection of historical artifacts and the creation of the Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society.

In 1996, as a result of expressed interest from the Township of Ryerson, the Historical Society entered into discussions about the use of the 1893-built Wiseman’s Corners Schoolhouse located at 112 Midlothian Road in Ryerson Township. The discussions proved positive, and in 1997 the Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society took over the space to operate the museum.

After seeing the historical importance of the Watt Century Farmhouse, the Historical Society approached Northland Power regarding the heritage site located at 827 Chetwynd Road in Armour Township. In 2015, the Burk’s Falls and District Historical Society entered an agreement with Northland Power and the Watt Century Farmhouse was opened on July 25, 2015.

The Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society relies on a committed group of volunteers to operate both museums.

Boy Participating in Activities - Riding HorseThe Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society continues to focus on the preservation and education of heritage in the area. With close working relationships and support from Ryerson Township, Armour Township and the Village of Burk’s Falls, the Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society continues to prioritize opportunities for community growth. Working in concert with the three organizations, the Historical Society’s mandate is to preserve the local heritage of the region.

Through partnerships and collaboration with community stakeholders, citizens and funding partners, the Burk’s Falls & District Historical Society is committed to growing the organization, encouraging community collaboration and attracting more visitors to the area.

Services include the preservation of artifacts donated to either centre, archiving documents that are of importance, promoting the area and the heritage aspects of the region, and providing educational activities for school groups and service groups.